What We Do
With 20+ years experience in the electromechanical and robotic technology areas, job shop services are available for your new product development. Prototype and small lot quantity fabrication jobs are a specialty. Confidentiality management issues of your product are reduced because both the product’s design and fabrication stages can be performed at one location. We aim to be a one-stop shop. Repair and upgrade of outdated electromechanical equipment are additional services offered.

The design of electrical and mechanical subsystems for your products can be handled by us: from electrical control and electronic circuits, sensor interfacing, camera systems, computer input/output interfacing, printed circuit board layout and artwork, power supply and power distribution systems, electrical chassis design, wiring harnesses and connectors, to custom manufactured cable design and procurement services. Design capabilities include gamma radiation resistant electronics and gamma radiation resistant wire and cable. Electromechanical design including motor and motor drive selection, feedback sensor and motion control design, to drive train development are also capabilities of Norton Design and Fabrication. Mechanical design capabilities include mechanical packaging, cooling systems, enclosures, frames, drive train and mechanical chassis development.

Design Capabilities
  • Electromechanical and Robotic systems design
  • Gamma radiation resistant designs
  • Power system design –Alternator/UPS/Battery/Utility
  • Vehicular and portable power systems
  • Power Distribution – AC, DC, Power Supplies, Inverters
  • Motor and Motor Drive Selection
  • Motion sensor systems – encoders, resolvers, pot, lvdt
  • Camera systems
  • Chassis layout and packaging
  • Wiring harness design/cable and connector selection
  • Custom designed and manufactured cable
  • Computer I/O interface design
  • Custom analog and digital circuit design
  • Power amplifier and power supply design
  • Printed circuit board design and layout
  • Mechanical design
Fabrication Capabilities
  • Prototypes and small lot quantities
  • Parts procurement
  • Chassis assembly
  • Wiring harness assembly
  • Product final assembly
  • System testing/performance verification
  • Mechanical assembly
  • In-house machining, welding, and sheet metal fabrication